My Favorite Time-Saving Hacks

A lot of times people ask me how I manage my time - because online it can definitely look like I am doing #allthethings - but really, I am just a firm believer of working smarter, not harder. I have made simple changes in my day-to-day life to save me TONS of time, because time is money. 

Here are the things I do that make my life so much easier, so I can focus on moving the wheel in my business:

Getting groceries delivered

Let me make this clear: I hate driving and I particularly hate grocery shopping. I always want to make these fancy meals off Pinterest but I hate going aisle through aisle trying to find the super specific ingredients. I usually get frustrated and just wouldn’t make the meal. 

I then found Instacart about a year ago and OH MY GOD it has been amazing. I mean seriously amazing. I know that most stores offer pick-up now, but there really aren’t any close to me, so having them delivered makes my life so easy. I find yummy, healthy recipes on Pinterest, then have the recipe pulled up on my screen next to the instacart site so I can just type in what I need. It also shows you all the coupons at the top so you can really save big by seeing it all and not having to fumble through an ad. Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase of Instacart.

Robot Vacuum

This will probably make a lot of people LOL or think I am a diva - but seriously, this thing has been a game-changer for me. I have two 75lb dogs that shed CONSTANTLY and also spend half the day coming in and out from the patio and I was finding myself sweeping for at least 20 minutes a day just to make the house look kind of presentable. Everytime I turn this vacuum on, even if it’s the second time in the same day, or the same day I swept the house, it gets in the cracks and crevices and everytime I empty the filter it’s completely full - which makes me so grateful for it, because ya girl has allergies. 

Crockpot Meals

I love to eat at home during the week, and I love to eat healthy at home during the week. A lot of healthy meals can be so complicated when I’d look up recipes. Whenever I thought of a slow-cooker, I always thought of chili or meatballs during the superbowl - not something to use every day. I have now learned that this is something that saves me more time than anything else. 

I make EVERYTHING in my crockpot. I find meals online that are super easy, and literally take 5 minutes to prep. No cutting veggies. No cutting meat. Just dumping it in and calling it a day. I prepare my crockpot meals around noon every other day (and I make enough for leftovers the next day) - then when I’m ready to eat around 6-7 it is ready. Not only that, but it makes my house smell AMAZING.

Loom Videos

I used to try to explain questions on websites/ etc. that clients had by typing out an email or sending them five different blog posts about it. Now I use Loom to make a quick video on my computer showing them how to do something on the back-end of their site and it has saved me SO much time. I also used to do one-on-one calls that lasted hours showing them how to navigate their site - now I send them a Loom video showing them how to do all the things that they can rewatch without feeling like their brain is being fried trying to remember #allthethings from the video I sent. This tool has been a LIFE SAVER. 


I literally cannot believe I lived without Honeybook in my business - I mean… I. Cannot. Believe.

Before, when I was signing up a new client, I had to go to Google Docs, amend my contract, save it as a PDF, upload it in Docusign, choose fields for them to sign, send it to them, go into Paypal, send their invoice for their deposit, then print out the contract and write all the due dates for payments in my calendar. I’d spend about an entire day a week just following up on past due payments, auditing contracts and following up with leads by rewriting the same email in a million ways a million times.

It’s actually crazy, because before I knew how amazing Honeybook was, I was literally about to hire a virtual assistant to help me on a week-to-week basis with these administrative tasks. I mean, I HATED IT guys. But honeybook can truly do it all - and I don’t even use it for as many things as I know it is capable of. Save 50% off your first year with Honeybook here. 

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