My New & Improved Morning Routine


I am so, so excited to write this blog today - because after feeling like I hit an absolute low with burnout and not feeling joy in my business for a few weeks -- I feel like I am BACK and better than ever. 

I realized that something had to change for my mental health - something had to change to prevent me from starting the day feeling stressed out and anxious, and finally I realized that there was one thing I needed: a morning routine.

I’ve heard about morning routines for years -- what we should be doing, allll of that stuff, but I found that I’d stick to it for a day or so. This time I have literally scheduled it into my calendar, and I want to share the things I’ve done to make me feel SO much better: 

  • I don’t check my phone until I start working.

This, by far, has had the biggest positive impact on my mental health. This starts the evening before. When I am finished working for the day, I check my messages, reply to things that feel good, then I make it a priority to barely check my phone. I heard Jenna Kutcher talk about how she and her husband Drew leave their phone downstairs to charge the night before, so Sebastian and I started doing that. It has made ALL the difference guys. 

Before, I’d be checking it the night before, and seeing emails and getting super stressed out. It’s so pointless to check your email when you are finished working for the day because it’s only going to make you feel like you need to be working or doing something and it constantly caused me stress and anxiety. I also would roll over in the mornings and immediately check my phone and email and stress out because of all the to-dos for the day. 

I also turned off my notifications on my phone and signed out of my email, so when I check my phone it isn’t just constant STRESS from the second I see it - it’s just a phone, not another to-do list.

  • I read for at least 30 minutes to an hour in the morning.

I love reading, and I hardly make time for it anymore. I’ve found that reading in the morning gets me fired up for the day and in a good mindset. I like to read business development books, and I’m currently reading This is Marketing, and it’s nice to start the day with a fresh perspective on business and marketing and all the things. It’s a book full of value that really helps me figure out how to be more intentional with my day and my marketing efforts without it being so in-your-face that you feel like you’re falling behind like a lot of business books. 

  • I shower, and get fully ready for the day.

This one is new, and one I am still getting into the groove with. I realized when I felt the best in my business and I stuck with my boundaries the most was when I felt like I was stepping into my power. I realized that when I felt the most powerful and unstoppable is when I got ready for the day - I realized it affected my posture, my mood, my confidence- everything. It made me want to get on video and show up more for my audience with confidence. I used to literally roll out of bed and roll downstairs to login to my computer and now that I just take 10-15 minutes to put on just a tiny bit of makeup I feel SO much more powerful when starting the day. 

  • I make coffee and enjoy it on the couch and check social media 

I love social media, and I didn’t want my morning to totally shy away from checking it at all, so I like to make my coffee, and sit on the couch and enjoy it while checking social media and engaging with others. I think so many people think that social media is “fun” and not “working” and try to rush their time on it -- but I’ve built an entire business off of using social media intentionally, so I know it is work, and I think it’s a fun way to get my mind ready and inspired for the day and pumped up. I still don’t allow myself to check my email in this time because I know  I’ll be super, super stressed out. 

  • I make my office a super relaxing space

Before even sitting down at my desk I make sure the office looks tidy and there’s no clutter around. I also light Palo Santo and take a few deep breaths and turn on my essential oils diffuser. I open the windows to get some fresh air in, fill up my water bottle and sit down feeling super relaxed instead of stressed out. I think it’s SO important to have a space that feels relaxing and makes you feel creative and inspired. 

  • I journal in my gratitude journal 

If you’ve followed me for a while you all KNOW I love The Five Minute Journal, I love it so much I have an entire blog on how it changed my business. But to be totally honest: I got out of the groove of using it for a while, and I totally noticed a difference in my mindset. I didn’t make it a priority, but now I literally add it to my to-do list. Starting and ending the day with gratitude really is so powerful, and I’ve noticed it really helps me be able to truly manifest everything I feel like I desire from doing so. 

So - that’s it, super easy tips to truly make a HUGE shift in your business and bring more joy back into your days. I seriously cannot believe I waited this long to implement these small but powerful strategies into my morning, and I hope you learn from my mistakes.