Hiiiiiii! I’m Karima. (Carrie-muh)

I’m a graphic + web designer living in Raleigh, NC but working with clients all over the world. I left my 9-5 as a Director of Marketing only months after starting my own business to live out my dream, and now I work with other kick ass entrepreneurs to help them create or elevate their brands so they can live their dream, too.

What’s that dream look like? It’s different for all of us, but to me, success has always looked like freedom.

It’s being financially free, being able to work with clients who I love, being able to be excited to get out of bed everyday and feeling like I am full of purpose, never having to worry about there being money on my card when I go out and swipe it, and more time being present with the people I love instead of just hustling and bustling and working nights and weekends. And never having to ask for permission - permission for a day off, permission to not work nights and weekends, all of that.

This whole entrepreneurship thing can get really hard, am I rightttt? I’m all about making things easy, and making my process with my clients fun. You won’t get emails from me that say things like “best regards” or “I hope this finds you well” - stuffy and boring isn’t my style. Because at the end of the day, I think our business should reflect our personalities.

Going off that… so should our brands and websites, right? The visual identity of our brand should in someway or another reflect us- just because someone in your industry is doing something someway doesn’t mean you need to, too. I mean guys… think about how painfully ugly the world would be if every single fast food restaurant decided to use red + yellow as their brand colors because McDonalds did and they were successful. Yikes.

It all comes back to being authentic and if pride myself on one thing - it’s creating sites and brands that are magnetic - they attract dream clients for my clients easily, painlessly, and effectively.




 A few of my favorite things & joys in my life include:

01 (4).png

My boyfriend

He’s my number one fan and my support system when it comes to this whole entrepreneurship thing. He’s always there to tell me he’s proud + I couldn’t ask for more.

01 (1).png

my million house plants

I am literally obsessed with houseplants and there is not one room in my home that hasn’t been covered in foliage.



These two are both rescue dogs and the sweetest, needest, biggest babies to ever exist. You’ll probably hear them bark on our calls.


I believe in branding so much, because I’ve seen how it’s transformed others lives. How it’s transformed my life. I’ve always wanted to be someone who can help others - but never knew how I could do that. My sister is a doctor, my boyfriend is a marine, they go day-after-day working to help other people selflessly.

But me? I never knew how I could do that. Until I realized I could help other entrepreneurs become free.

I didn’t have the easiest time after college, and all I wanted was freedom. I got fired from my very first job after college for being unhappy. It crushed me. I graduated top of my class and I was waiting tables and bar-tending just to pay rent. I lost my apartment. I ended my engagement. I went through a lot of things that led me to the next step in my career: A Director of Marketing for a few healthcare companies.

It was a good job… sure, but then I realized I was wasting my life away sitting in a dusty grey cubicle (seriously, you could hit the wall of it and dust would just come out). Not only that… but I made more money bar-tending. I knew I had to take it on myself to rewrite my story. And I knew just being able to work from home and sit by a window would be worth it all.

I remember repeating over and over to myself that it would be okay, and that I at least had to give it a shot. I did, and not once have I looked back. It’s not easy, but I stuck with it, I invested in myself, I created a six-figure business from the ground up, and now I am so passionate about helping others do the same.

So in short, I finally found a way I could help. I help others become free. I help others make the idea and the dream in their head a reality : a tangible thing that they can look at, and be damn proud of.