Creating a Brand Vision Board on Pinterest


One of the first steps in my branding and web design process working with clients is one of their favorite parts of everything- creating a brand vision board on Pinterest. I do this to see what they are naturally drawn to so I can make sure the brand I design for them matches both the things they feel authentic/resonate with them alongside with things that they feel inspire them.

Step one:

Get cozy and comfortable in a space that you feel inspired. Maybe it’s your couch, your bedroom, your patio, or a coffee shop nearby. It’s good to do this in a good head space so that you don’t spiral into a path of confusion/ analysis paralysis. ;) Schedule out about an hour to do this.

Step two:

Create a Pinterest board. Title it whatever you want, but I typically recommend your [Your Business Name] Brand Board (ie: Karima Creative Brand Board). When creating it, invite any contributors you want to be on the board with you by using their email.

Step three:

Pick a general theme. This doesn’t have to be incredibly specific or detailed or well-thought-out, but just try to think of a style you’re more naturally drawn to. Boho chic? Light, bright, and airy? Hot pink and black? Pastels? Beach vibes? Feminine? Just picking one general direction will help you eliminate the possible feelings of overwhelm you get early on. (You’ll know what I’m talking about if you use Pinterest for home inspiration- it gets super overwhelming when half are modern farmhouse style and half are modern mid-century style and you have no idea which direction to go!)

Here are some ideas you can search to help guide you in choosing a theme:

  • Minimalist Design

  • Bold Design

  • Elegant Design

  • [Your Industry] Design

  • Neutral Design

  • Warm Design

  • Colorful Design

  • Earth Tone Design

  • Feminine Design

Step four:

Start pinning! Pin anything that inspires you- seriously. Everything from interiors, to photography styles, to quotes- whatever you feel truly resonates with you. You don’t have to just pin logos and brands. It’s nice to see styles that you are drawn to outside of just brand boards as well so I can see what your subconscious is picking up in different styles (for example, if you look at my interiors I pinned, you’ll see my inspiration board for my home is mostly black and white with house plants as accents.)

Some things I recommend clients to search as keywords for pins to their new board are:

  • Brand Board

  • Logo Design

  • Font Pairing

  • Typography

  • Brand Design

  • Color Palette

  • Color Scheme

  • Brand Inspiration

  • [Your Favorite Colors] Palette

  • [Your Industry] Design

After 15-20 pins, you’ll start to see a cohesive look and feel to your board that will help you (and your designer) get super clear on your vision and your brand needs. It’s a really great feeling.

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Karima Neghmouche