.01 Booking

First things first, we make sure we are an absolute PERFECT fit. It all starts with you filling out the contact form. From there, I’ll contact you with a link to schedule a call so we can dive deep into your goals, vision, and business to make sure we are an absolute perfect fit. Once we both feel SO excited and like its a “hell yes” - I’ll send you over a proposal with a contract to sign, the payment plan outlined, and the invoice for the deposit. 

.02 Gathering

This process is super collaborative -- that’s how we create something incredible and that is exactly what you want. It’s all about communication! I’ll send you over a welcome packet that has your homework outlined - it’s mostly just gathering up what we need to set you up for success with your new brand or site. This part is totally dependent on the project but I will outline it in a checklist form so you know exactly what is necessary, optional, and recommended to truly be able to book the dream clients you’ve been dying to work with. 

.03 Creating

Now it’s about bringing it all to life and I do the heavy lifting from here - I’ll start off by creating a moodboard for you with your proposed color palette and then if you are over-the-moon in love with it I’ll start executing logo design, then your website design. If it’s a website only project, I will ask to see your current brand guidelines (but it’s okay if you don’t have them) and then I will match that with the branding of the website. I love to keep the momentum up in this part of the process and I am known for my communication and timeliness in my work so you will never be wondering where we are in the process. I also do strategy calls mid-way through the process to make sure you’re loving it, as well as up to four revisions on your project (and I’ve never had to go over 2 with a client!)

.04 Launching

After we pop a bottle of celebratory champagne, I will send you over your final files for print and digital in a Google Drive folder. Everything will be in here so you can keep it and use it forever. You will get a detailed brand guidelines sheet that shows exactly what fonts, colors, and imagery to use. I also create complementary mock-up graphics for you to be able to promote your launch on social media.