Two brothers decided to follow their legendary fathers' foot-steps and open their own restaurant in the quaint, lovely little part of Louisville: Germantown. The challenge: this was a new kind of restaurant for Germantown, so they wanted to appeal to the right demographic- the Germantown demographic.We achieved this through the language we used on social media, along with the photos, promotional materials + and, of course, the design. 


The results in 3 months:


+ Facebook post engagement averaged 6,010

+ Facebook likes increased from 550 to 1,058

+ Instagram likes increased from 260 to 544

+ Call-to-actions on Facebook from "Book Now" increased by 68% (148)


You know why people follow Instagram accounts? Because they are interesting, beautiful, and cohesive.

Your social media platforms are essentially billboards for your brand- that's why it's so important that every image you post goes with the overall feel for the brand so when you post something to a social media platform, people automatically know who it is- it's you. Let your images speak for the quality of your products. Here is a screenshot of the feed before I started managing it (left) and after I started managing it (right).