“Karima came in and saved the day (again) with my website. I always try to "put something simple" together and build my own. And each time I end up over complicating it and procrastinating. I know enough to know what looks good, but can never get out on the website what's in my head. Somehow Karima does though and ends up making it better than I what I was thinking in the first place.

This time, I wanted to build my website on Kajabi because I'm using for a lot of other things and thought it would be easy to "put something simple together" but kept getting stuck. I didn't like the fonts, the spacing was off, too much white space, not enough in others. Basically my attempts looked like an amateur did it. Which made sense because I am one. But then Karima came in and put her magic touch on it like she always does and it's now something I love and am super proud to share! I highly recommend NOT wasting the time and energy trying to do it yourself, and when you're ready to bring in a pro to make you look pro, to work with Karima. She is a creative genius who really listens to her clients vision and then uses her gifts of style and design to bring it to life.”

-Sarah Wallace

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