I had one goal in mind when creating this one-on-one coaching program: to be the mentor I needed when I started out, to get me to where I am now easier, & faster.

I’ve been where you are. Trust me. I know the stress that comes with wondering when (and where) you’ll get your next client from. I know the feeling of the fear of failure and how we wish that all the people we look up to would just spill their secrets already. So that’s what I am inviting you to do.


 What we will dive deep into with this program:

  • Your sales process- what your conversion is + how we can improve your sales process so you are booking more and having less dead-end sales calls

  • Where you’re finding clients + brainstorming new avenues for you to match with your ideal clients so you can be booked out for months, without worrying where your next client will be coming from

  • Who your ideal clients are- and if a niche is actually necessary

  • Your marketing strategy - what that currently looks like and how we can improve it to convert visitors on your site into clients

  • Your social media presence- how to utilize storytelling and have people come to you so that you can magnetically attract dream clients without trying to wear all the hats

  • Your short term + long term goals + actionable steps to help you achieve them - essentially a road map outlining everything I wish I had knew when it came to getting clients

  • Your packages + pricing- are you undercharging? Probably, and I've been there. We will dive deep into your packages and what you are pricing them as so you can stop leaving  money on the table.


I know what it feels like to be wondering:

  • How everyone gets these clients that pay premium rates and get booked out for months.

  • What to charge and how to package your services.

  • What platforms to be marketing on and how to be SEEN.

  • What kind of copy to be putting on your website.

  • Where to start and what to do first.

  • Where to even begin finding these clients.

I was able to scale to six figures within one year of being an entrepreneur. Yep- just one year. All because I built a successful, scale-able business with the help of amazing, driven coaches.

And now I want to help other designers step into their power and show up as the person they know they are meant to be- the designer that isn’t worrying about where their next client is coming from because they’re totally booked out, with plenty of money (and that feeling of security) in their bank account.

I’m here to help you figure out the exact steps you need to take so you can build and scale a profitable design business. And we will get you there so much faster if we work together.


This program is 3 months long and at an investment of $833/month for 3 months, or $2,499 paid in full (which is a $200 discount). Let's book your first high-end design/paying client so this investment pays for itself.

With the one-one-one mentorship coaching you’ll get:

  • 3 video (or regular) calls per month

  • Unlimited support between calls via email, Voxer, or messenger

  • Notes from each call with action items listed out for accountability

  • Regular check-ins


 This is perfect for you if:

✔ You’re one to two years into a graphic design business

You’re self-taught or with limited formal education

You’re ready to show up and do the work

You understand the importance of social media and having an online presence

✔ You want to create content that makes people like, trust, and buy from you

You understand the power of investment and the power of coaching

You’re an action-taker by nature and you do the work

I truly believe in the power of coaching. That’s why I’ve spent five figures in it over the last year alone. I believe that we shouldn’t have to do it alone, and that having the support and someone to help draw us a map of our next steps can completely change the game.

Ready to get clients lining up to work with you?


When Karima reached out to me about her new coaching service, I was so excited to finally connect with her! Every time I came across an issue, she was always the first person I would contact. That's why I said yes to her because I believe in her and I trust her. I knew that she would help me become a better graphic designer and boy did we go into DETAILS about her design process. She answered all of my questions PLUS MORE! After our call, she emailed me her notes (which I've printed out and put it up on the wall) so I can take action in running my business better. I am content with choosing Karima as my mentor. This is only the beginning, but I cannot wait to see how much more I'll learn from her in the future. Karima,Thank you for keeping it real!” -Stefani Ruiz

I worked with Karima to delve further into digital strategy and was extremely impressed by her knowledge and recommendations. She helped me to create a clear path forward for how to grow my business. I gained so many insights in just one hour of working together. If any designer is looking for guidance I'd highly recommend working with Karima!” -Sydney Smith