Scope of work: logo + brand style.

In 1851, The Fesenmeier family came to America from Germany. Michael Fesenmeier learned to make beer while working on a farm, then began a small brewery on his farm. The brewery then got too big for the farm space and that's when it all began. This old brewery was built in Central City on Madison Avenue and W. 14th Street in Huntington, West Virginia. The brewery survived a horrible fire, a flood- but was shut down when the state of West Virginia's enactment of Prohibition was put into place in 1914, five years before the rest of the country. The company reopened but was shut down by bigger beer brands, like Miller Light and Budweiser, due to their advertising budgets and marketing tactics. In 1972, the block-long brewery building was demolished to make way for a shopping center parking lot. We wanted to give it a second chance to the once thriving brewery, to make it everything Michael Fesenmeier wanted it to be. 

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