Scope of work: logo + brand style + e-commerce site.

Karima is the most enthusiastic creative I have ever worked with. After the first week, my business partner called me up and said WOW Karima is AMAZING!! And it's true. Karima just LOVES what she does pure and simple. And that's impossible to fake. Her excitement and drive for her work shines through her work in every single aspect. After we explained our concept, she took our ideas and ran and ran and ran. So many great recommendations and suggestions she had to fully flesh out what we were trying to accomplish. She just gets it. She doesn't need to have it explained a dozen times with multiple examples. She jumps on board and is all in from day one. It's been such a pleasure working with Karima. We are sad that our project is coming to end and we can't wait to hire her for our next project!!”