Goodbye, Apartment 112.


It’s MOVING DAY! So exciting but as I sit here and watch each box being moved out of the place I called home, I can’t help but get a little sad. I adopted my first pup in this home. There has been so many laughs, so many tears, and so much love in this home.

When I walked in this place before moving in I knew it was the one. It was an old Model-T Ford Factory (or something like that, whatever) which made it such a cool industrial space and it had such a convenient location. I knew then it was the place we wanted to call mine. OH, and the infamous windows definitely helped that decision.


While I won’t miss the insane loft stairs that I have fallen down many a times, or the echoes of the ceiling, or the vibration of the entire place when a train goes by, I will miss the place I created so many memories in.

My amazon account wish list has already grown rapidly, and I cannot WAIT for you all to see what I do with the next place.

I think the five cups of coffee I’ve drank are starting to wear off, and I’m going to grab the pup and go fall asleep in this little place one last time.

I’m so excited to share all of my new adventures with you all.