Hey hey! I’m Karima. (Carrie-muh)

I’m a graphic + web designer living in Raleigh, NC but working with clients all over the world. I left my 9-5 as a Director of Marketing only months after starting my own business to live out my dream, and now I work with other female entrepreneurs to help them create or elevate their brands so they can live their dream, too.

Bragging rights:

✔ I’m certified by Google in Analytics and Adwords

✔ I am certified by Hubspot in Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing

✔ I am a Squarespace Circle member

✔ I’m a Linkedin All Star

✔ I’ve been published in national media over 87 times

✔ I was awarded the best Magazine Designer by Marshall University

✔ I was awarded Best Advertising Presenter by American Advertising Association

✔ I was awarded for Best Column Writer after being published by USA Today

✔ I was awarded for Excellence in Public Relations leadership by the Ronald McDonald House

Trust me when I say I understand the overwhelm that comes with wanting to rebrand your business. Decision fatigue is real. Do any of these sound like you?

  • You know you have the hustle and drive to create your dream business, you just don’t know where to start

  • You’ve worked with other designers in the past who have made you weary + worries about hiring someone new

  • You know it’s time to take things to the next level because you’ve proven your business works, but you need someone to lay out the steps for you

  • You’ve spent countless hours trying to do things yourself, but end up getting stuck in analysis paralysis and never making progress

  • You know design is important, but haven’t figured out your secret sauce that’s going to make you stand out

  • You have a site, but it lays idle on the web because you don’t understand how to update it

Trust me when I say I completely understand what it feels like to be stuck, worrying that every decision is not the right one.

First things first, clarity comes from action. The fact that you are even here means you are taking action- so now it’s just taking the first step because that will get your momentum up. The branding process should be exciting for you, you are breathing a new life and giving a fresh face to your business that you totally love (or launching a brand new one!)

I believe everyone has their own zone of genius and the massive shift in your business happens when you DON’T try to do it all yourself. Focus on what you do best and leave all of this confusing stuff (SEO, fonts, color palettes, etc.) up to me.

I like to think that when I’m working with a client I serve more as a business partner than just a web designer. We create deep, meaningful relationships (and friendships!) that last far after the project. When working on your brand or website, I completely design around user experience and what I think will be best for your business to truly captive + convert visitors into paying clients.



+ I once won an award for having the most curse words as a journalist while writing for the paper in stories. What can I say? I’m passionate.

+ I’m an Algerian-Appalachian. Yep, my father is an immigrant from North Africa and my momma is a blonde-hair blue-eyed girl named Betty from West Virginia. (And yes, I’ve been to Algeria)

+ I’m only 4’11. People say I look taller in photos. They are wrong.

+ My name is Karima Neghmouche, pronounced Carrie-mah Neg-moo-shh and I will correct you if you’re wrong unless you pronounce Neghmouche like Neghmoo-shay with a little French accent. Then I will not.

+ I have watched every season of MadMen… twice.

+ My love language is receiving gifts.

+ My personality type is ENFP.

+ When I asked my friends to describe me they used the words “feminine yet bold, eclectic, confident, and intuitive.”

+ What's next?

Now you know my story, and I want to get to know yours. Let’s chat and see how we can take your business to the next level.