Hey, you.

I know you’re doing all the things. You’re engaging in multiple Facebook groups, you’re posting blogs, you’re working through the courses you’ve bought, you’re trying to fine-tune the website you do have (because you’re tired of feeling embarrassed when you drop it in the comments below someone else who looks like a PRO)...

So if YOU are someone who is dying to take the next step to build the foundation for a strong, successful, profitable business, I’m talking to you. It’s time to build your brand and THEN your business, because that’s what will make profit follow.

You are probably spending WAY too much time thinking about:

  • What colors you should use for your brand. (Like, you know they MATTER, but how the hell do you choose?)

  • The kind of language you should be using to attract and relate to your dream clients.

  • How to market yourself and actually look like a professional (who kind-of, halfway knows what they’re doing)

  • How to optimize your website for SEO + use the right keywords

  • How to find your business’ voice + ensure it is carried out through everything you do

  • How to make your website look good + CONVERT. Because what’s a fancy site if it’s not bringing you profit?

  • How to bring your unique business’ vision to life, without it looking like everyone else's

  • How to keep your content and business fresh AND authentic

  • What kind of resources/ freebies to offer people

And all of the hang-up and getting bogged down by the little things, that time is taking away from you building your business and kick-starting your dreams. (Aka, the dreams of making passive income, while you sit on your couch drinking a margarita in your yoga pants with your dogs. The real American dream.)

But your realllll secret sauce? The thing that’s REALLY going to make you stand out? You already have it. We just have to figure out how to bring it out and find the right way to show everyone else.

The fancy websites you see from your competitors? The people commenting in your groups that just seem to have it ALL together- let me let you in on a secret. No one really has it all together. Some just know how to LOOK the part. Those people- they know the foundation for their success- the foundation for EVERYTHING they do for their business, lies in one thing: their brand.

I won’t bore you with telling you how typefaces and colors and logos and all the other things bring out emotions from the people viewing your site, but just know- they do powerful things. And we have full freakin’ control over that.

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned business owner ready to give your business a facelift, I have something perfect for you.

"My partner and I are overly excited about how good our new website looks. It really is top-notch, and we are proud to direct people there."


Logo + Brand Style

Timeline: Two weeks

  • Brand questionnaire

  • Custom made brand discovery mood board for your brand

  • Custom logo design

  • Alternate logo design for social media

  • Collateral design of your choice (stationary, freebie/ resource, newsletter)

  • One page brand guidelines sheet with typefaces, colors, +  images

Website Design

Timeline: Two weeks

  • Completely responsive Squarespace website (mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc.)

  • Custom domain or connection if you already have one

  • Custom G Suite Email for your business

  • 4 hours of tech-support for up to one year after launch

  • Blog set-up

  • Up to a 5 page website (cost is an additional 50+ per page)

  • SEO Optimized Site

  • Full e-commerce integration if needed


Brand Refresh

Timeline: Three weeks

  • Brand questionnaire

  • One-on-one consultation via person, phone, or Skype

  • Refreshing your current existing website, logo, and branding

  • Business card, letterhead, and stationary design

  • One page brand guidelines sheet with typefaces, colors, + images

  • Brand core values

  • Brand personality

  • Business card, letterhead, envelope + stationery design

  • Social media page header + logo design

Full Branding + Website

Timeline: Six weeks


  • Brand questionnaire

  • One-on-one consultation via person, phone, or Skype

  • Custom made brand discovery moodboard for your brand

  • Custom logo design

  • Alternate logo design for social media

  • Four full revisions (after four, you will get a discounted price at  $50/hour for revision work)

  • Business card, letterhead, and stationary design

  • One page brand guidelines sheet with typefaces, colors, + images

  • Brand core values

  • Brand personality

  • Social media page header + logo design + bios

  • Customized website

  • Custom domain name (if needed)

  • Custom email setup (yourbusiness@yourdomain.com)

  • Blog set-up with 5 beginning blog ideas 

  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Responsive/ Friendly design

  • 24/7 tech support for one year after launch

  • Site is optimized for on-page SEO

  • Brand guidelines packet

  • Copywriting for three pages- home, services, contact.

  • Custom pop-up ad or newsletter design

  • 20 free stock images to use with your brand

  • Instagram story highlight covers for your page

  • One “freebie” design resource

Some of my other services include…

  • Brochure Design

  • Slideshow/ Powerpoint Design

  • Rack Card Design

  • Blog set-up and integration

  • Email Template Design

  • Social Media Post Template Designs

  • Billboard Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Letterhead Design

  • Retainer Programs with Monthly Updated Designs

  • Color Palette Design with Color Psychology Explained

  • Course Thumbnail Design

  • Product Label Design

  • Print/ Digital Ad Design

  • Menu Design

  • Full Website Evaluation

  • Lead Magnet/ Freebie Design

  • Brand Core Values/ Mission Statement

  • Digital Marketing Consulting

  • Website Maintenance

Don't see what you want listed? I offer a ton of a-la-carte items, from logo designs, to current brand face lifts, to social media packages, I've got ya covered. I am happy to make you a custom package as well to fit your needs perfectly. Contact me and I will give you a custom quote. 

The Process

From start to finish, here's what to expect: 

  • It starts with a questionnaire. After deciding we should work together, I send you some questions, you answer them and email them back- and then the entire process starts from there.

  • We have a one-on-one phone call, discussing allllll aspects of your business so I can fully capture that in the design.

  • You sign a statement of work and contract so we are BOTH protected and know exactly what to expect out of this journey together (and when to expect it, hellllooo deadlines!).

  • You pay a non-refundable deposit that goes directly towards the package you purchase (33% of the overall cost of the package you choose)

  • I create three different moodboards and you choose the one that you love the most

  • I get to work on your brand, and send over two or three drafts of different brand concepts so we can see what direction you like the best

  • I send over a finalized presentation for you to approve or request revisions to

  • We edit, we perfect, and only after you are THRILLED you pay the remaining cost

  • We show the world!

  • You continue working to grow your business, now with all these AMAZING brand elements, and we stay in touch to keep track of how your business is growing.

Choosing Karima to re-design my website was the best decision ever!!

Since my website has been finished by Karima, I’ve had more website inquiries than I’ve ever had and I have people emailing me because they love my website and feel like they know me before we even work together!

Need someone to redo your website & create an awesome user experience for an affordable rate? Karima is your girl!