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If you’re tired of trying to piece together different pieces and products from multiple web + graphic designers who don’t communicate, meet deadlines, or take the time to REALLY get to know you, it’s time to save yourself the time and agony. I believe in:


I believe a brands' success comes from the strategy and research behind it. I spend time getting to know you, your vision, market trends, and most importantly: I spend time figuring out YOUR secret sauce to make you the best in your industry.


This is where my favorite word comes into play: communication. We are a team now, and I refuse to let my clients walk away with a brand you don't love. I believe in revision, I believe in reflection, and I believe in putting in the work until you're happy.


Remember what you're doing it for? RESULTS! Nothing is more important to me than showing my clients their ROI. We will track the numbers, analytics, and alllll the things before we start, so you can look back in three months to see your success!


Hi, I'm Karima. I’m a branding & digital marketing expert who picks your colors, fonts, logo, words & photos for you.

Allow me to do the nitty gritty so you can stop wasting time and focus on what matters most- getting clients in the door! Because what’s a pretty website if it isn’t making you money?

I offer my clients a one-stop-shop with all things creative, affordable rates, a personal touch, and I do everything in-house- communicating with you each step of the way.

“Choosing Karima to re-design my website was the best decision ever. Since my website has been finished by Karima, I’ve had more website inquiries than I’ve ever had and I have people emailing me because they love my website and feel like they know me before we even work together! Need someone to redo your website & create an awesome user experience for an affordable rate? Karima is your girl!”

— Ali Hendricks, Ali Elizabeth Photography


Let me help you:

+ Create the website of your dreams that actually CONVERTS

+ Show the world YOU my friend are the expert here and they would be CRAZY to let anyone else but YOU help them with their problem. (Oh, and we also have to figure out how to show them they actually have a problem. Because that, that’s where you get conversion.)

+ Find your voice + figure out your values

+ Understand how to describe and market your brand effectively

"Working with Kari has been game-changing. I’ve felt like we’ve been business partners for the past several weeks as she’s offered great insight and suggestions for my idea that go well beyond the scope of the project. She’s made me feel VIP the entire time with quick responses and turnaround times.  My brand concept and website has well exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend Kari enough."

- Sarah Wallace, Founder of Her Exchange

Step one- Getting your free custom-made mood board! 

Fill out this FREE brand questionnaire and I’ll create your own mood board (a collection of images, colors, and typefaces that I find represent you + what you want to do) for you. We can tweak it, make it perfect, and you can continue to reference it as you move through this journey.

Your mood board is something I will work on to tailor custom to you. I will pick colors, styles, photos, and lay it out in a way where when you see it, you'll get that "a-ha!" moment of "wow, I do already KIND OF have a brand!" 

It's a cool feeling. Let's do it. 

Step Two: Figuring out if we are a good match!

Let me start with this: I only work with clients when we both believe we are a PERFECT fit! My style is very unique and I love minimalist design with meaning behind it, so if you're wanting things more traditional in style, we may not be a good match.

BUT, if you did the brand questionnaire and got your FREE mood board and you are in LOVE, we are probably a match made in design heaven!

The time is now to invest in your dreams. You KNOW you need some help but you've been boot-strapping it from the start, and you're a go-getter who has always done all the things but wouldn't it be nice to have someone do it all for you, so your business can actually start to look the part? Those Tesla X dreams may be closer than you think.

Step Three: I get to work!

We figured out what you want, now it's my time to begin the execution of those dreams. I will communicate with you as much (or as less) as you want. I know you're busy, but I know your business is your number one priority, so trust me when I say: I don't take these projects lightly. My energy and my soul go into my work. And no payment is as good as seeing a happy client who raves about their new, amazing brand. 


“If you're looking for a web designer who is easy to work with, is extremely creative and can make your vision come to life then I highly recommend Karima. Karima gives you 110% and is in full communication every step of the way. She demonstrates the passion she has for her work.”


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