I know how scary it is to make a big purchase and investment, so here are some client testimonials + results to truly help make your decision easier. 


sarah wallace, founder of her exchange

Working with Kari has been game-changing. Not only is she incredibility talented and AMAZING at what she does (her portfolio speaks for itself), her support of my project has been much more than anything I was expecting. I’ve felt like we’ve been business partners for the past several weeks as she’s offered great insight and suggestions for my idea that go well beyond the scope of the project. She’s made me feel VIP the entire time with quick responses and turnaround times, in addition to sending me extra resources, examples, and opportunities that have helped me think out of the box more and given me more ideas for growing my online audience. The end product of my overall brand concept and website has well exceeded my expectations going into this with Kari and makes me so proud and excited to start sharing this project with the world 😊 If you’re looking for talent AND a true partner in your own business, I can’t recommend Kari enough.

Jacqueline Giurleo, founder of jackie g. events

Absolutely recommend and a must hire! Karima is incredible and has helped my business grow, provided above and beyond client service, and is amazing. I had an unexpected and urgent project pop into my lap and did a quick post on my needs, Karima responded immediately and within 5 hours I had a beautiful 10 page graphically designed proposal in my hands. She was amazing to work with - the next few days a few tweaks and edits, and all completed ASAP, unbelievably responsive, positive, friendly, professional and talented. I am so happy to have found such a great and creative designer and look forward to many more projects together!




It was a blast working with Kari! She created a beautiful menu design for us, she was actively engaged with the brand and that really shined through in the way she conducted her photo shoots. She created content for our social media pages that were personable and engaging, not to even mention how stunning the photos she took for us turned out! My only qualm is that she moved so far away so I won’t be able to work with her as much.


Karima did a comprehensive and totally insightful site review for me, leaving me with so many action points to implement to improve conversions. It's like having a stylish mind-reader walk you through your clients' experience on your site. Don’t think twice - hire her!




My partner and I are overly excited about how good our new website looks. It really is top-notch, and we are proud to direct people there.



Karima has gone above and beyond making sure every aspect of our brand reflects our “why.” She spent countless hours chatting with us about our purpose, mission, values, and goals in order to create the perfect mix. It is important to us that our branding gives people something to believe in, something to stand behind. We want our tribe to understand the purpose and intention behind our organization. Our circular logos represent unity and wholeness. The colors represented throughout our branding tie to the awareness ribbons we affiliate ourselves with. Green for mental health awareness. Teal and purple for suicide awareness. Blue for child abuse awareness. Thank you, Karima for bringing our vision to life!

download (3).jpg



I'm a wedding photographer and needed some educational material created on a very tight deadline. I asked for designer recommendations in a Facebook group, and received TONS! Karima stood out to me above the rest! She was by far the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and talented. I expected her to do a good job, but she absolutely blew me away. She took my very basic idea and turned it into something better than I had ever hoped for. Her response time is impeccable, and she works unbelievably fast! I don't know how she created something so professional and perfect that quickly, but she did! I'm very picky and a quite a perfectionist, so I love that she created several design options to choose from, and helped me decide which one would work best for my business. We made a couple revisions (within minutes!) and it was done! I absolutely cannot recommend Karima enough! You will never have to worry about your projects when it's in her hands.


Karima did an amazing job interpreting my brand and getting my website off to a running start. If you want someone who can GET IT DONE and do a great job, Karima is your lady.

I loved how Karima could take care of all of my graphic design, web copy, basic SEO, AND my web design needs! I have been spinning my wheels for two years trying to perfect all these website elements on my own, to no avail. When I landed on, I knew I had found the right person. It was such a relief not to have to manage separate projects from multiple vendors.

Even though Karima is extremely busy, she made me feel like I am her only client with tons of personalized attention, lightening-fast responses, and quick turn-around time.

She is a joy to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her on more projects in the future.


30698424_613022725732103_5625189646200733696_n (1).jpg

Paige Schulte, Realtor

Karima is SO responsive and great turn around time. She really cares about you loving your product and will tweak without making it feel like a hassle, even the smallest projects! Thanks Karima. XO


Boni Matwychuk, alchemy energy healing

Karima is such a pleasure to work with - very responsive, professional and incredibly intuitive. My website came together seamlessly and much faster than I expected. I am so impressed by her creative talent, her positive get-it-done attitude and her dedication to serving her clients. If you are considering hiring this incredibly talented professional... DO IT!🙂. You will be glad you did!


Allison Colin-Thome, Career Off Script

I worked with Karima to 'pretty up' my boring looking google doc opt in and align it to my website. Karima's final result was GREAT! she works quick, is super responsive, and somehow knew exactly what i wanted without having to give really any direction. I can't wait for another opportunity to work with her!


Karima is the most enthusiastic creative I have ever worked with. After the first week, my business partner called me up and said WOW Karima is AMAZING!! And it's true. Karima just LOVES what she does pure and simple. And that's impossible to fake. Her excitement and drive for her work shines through her work in every single aspect. After we explained our concept, she took our ideas and ran and ran and ran. So many great recommendations and suggestions she had to fully flesh out what we were trying to accomplish. She just gets it. She doesn't need to have it explained a dozen times with multiple examples. She jumps on board and is all in from day one. It's been such a pleasure working with Karima. We are sad that our project is coming to end and we can't wait to hire her for our next project!!



ali kiel, ali elizabeth photography

Choosing Karima to re-design my website was the best decision ever!!

Since my website has been finished by Karima, I’ve had more website inquiries than I’ve ever had and I have people emailing me because they love my website and feel like they know me before we even work together!

Need someone to redo your website & create an awesome user experience for an affordable rate? Karima is your girl!!


Kari has helped me with so many projects throughout the past 5 years. She is very passionate about her work and will go above and beyond to meet your desired needs!




Karima was awesome! She helped me totally revamp my site, and I am really proud to show it off now. My favorite thing about her, though, was how accessible she was throughout and knowing that I can always contact her no matter what! It's great knowing that I'll have a friend who can help my web site from here on out. Definitely recommend.



While seeking a branding expert, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Karima. What a natural! She just gets it when it comes to all things marketing! She took my 'work in progress" website to the next level. She asked perfect questions that helped her nail exactly what I was looking for in a brand board before I knew how to vocalize it. She was amazing to work with, so friendly, and I felt like I had known her for years. I cannot speak highly enough of her and am excited to seek her support for future projects. If what you are seeking is professionalism, quality, and creativity and look no further and hire Karima! She is wickedly efficient, laser-focused on your needs and satisfaction and a brilliant branding expert.



Working with Karima has been amazing for our business! She truly got our vision after one conversation and made us the most beautiful website that represents our brand perfectly! We are launching it next week and are so excited for everyone to see what Karima created for us!

She has advised us on ALL things related to our digital business and been so patient and helpful. We are thrilled with Karima's work and are looking forward to working with her in the future as our business grows!



“Working with Karima has been an absolute pleasure!! I've been told by some that I'm picky, slightly indecisive, and even a touch OCD -That said, rebranding really scared the heck out of me because I knew I was in for LOTS of decisions and despite my tendencies, Karima made this process super fun and painless. I look forward to working with her more and am now recommending her to ALL my fellow entrepreneurs!!”


elishia SEALS

Karima was so easy to work with. She guided me through my design choices and the result is incredible! Her insight and expertise shows and I was so comfortable trusting her with my brand. I highly recommend her!

Pat O Sullivan, COPIA GREEN

If you've ever wondered who is responsible for creating our beautiful brand, then say hello to Karima! She's a North Carolina-based 🇺🇸 branding expert + web designer, who responded to a message we posted online... and we're so glad that she did!
Despite being based 'across the pond', she instantly understood what it was we wanted and set about delivering it. We've often found it hard to contain our excitement as we've watched the Copia Green brand being brought to life before our eyes. Karima's passion and commitment to the project has known no bounds, regularly going above and beyond the call of duty.
She has created everything from our branding, to designing and building our website and even our aprons.
We're over the moon with the end result and for that we will be forever grateful.



Karen Blaney Camerato, rising above in memory of 

When I found Karima, I had been through a really bad experience. Gave my money, along with my heart and soul for the website I dreamed of, to a local guy that never did one thing! And kept my money! The process took forever before I realized he had dropped off the face of the earth! Then I tried to create my own website and it was frankly, pretty bad. And then the clouds parted and the angels sang and I connected with Karima! She listened to my vision and really cared about my project. She made my business and my cause come to life. She was a total pro at all aspects of the project. She was always very responsive and easy to work with. She didn't always agree with everything I asked for but she explained why we shouldn't do it rather than just ignore me. Karima finished my website on-time and for the price agreed. Thank you so much Karima, for setting me on the path I needed to succeed! I plan to keep my relationship with you for many years to come!