The Five Things Your Logo Should Be

Something I get asked a lot from clients, friends, and even strangers is “What makes up a good logo?”

I work with so many creative entrepreneurs who find the absolute most beautiful hand-illustrated super-freaking-intricate logos and send me examples of them when they want something designed for their own brand…

I learned a lesson back when I was working in the corporate world and went through the branding process with my old company (I wasn’t doing the work, I was just the director of marketing that helped make some of the big decisions). This was a HUGE branding project, we’re talking an almost six month timeline with a six figure price tag.

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Karima Neghmouche
My Top 25 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Everyone who knows me and who follows me knows that I am always shouting self-care from rooftops. I think business boils down to one thing: mindset. And mindset all depends on how well you care for yourself throughout this journey of business. I am constantly (unapologetically) prioritizing my self-care.

Self-care isn’t selfish. Wellness is a business decision, people.

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18 Lessons I Learned in 2018

This last year I quit my 9-5 job. I broke off an engagement and relationship. I launched a successful web design and branding business where I’m now booked out for months (!!!) I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina from Louisville, Kentucky. I learned how to live by myself and pay the bills alone for the first time ever. I got off all my anxiety and depression medicine by practicing mindfulness. I doubled my corporate income by working with my dream clients in my own business, doing work I love. I adopted a dog I couldn’t love more if I tried. I made new friends. I fell in love with myself again. 2018 was so good to me and I learned SO many lessons along the way.

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10 Things I Did Before I Left My 9-5

One of the most common questions I get asked is how I took the leap from my 9-5 into being a full-time entrepreneur. It feels like there a million different things to consider (and a million different ways to talk yourself out of it) but I’m going to break down exactly what I recommend doing before handing in your notice to ensure you’ve set yourself up for success as a business owner.

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How to Optimize Your Brand Photoshoots

One of the most popular questions I get all the time, from everyone who views or follows me on Instagram- is WHO is taking these photos of you?! My friends all have their own conspiracies- they think I have a tripod I set-up in my room every single day to take a million of my own (not a bad idea), they think I have a friend in my apartment building who I have come down and use my camera to take these photos of me (also, not a bad idea).

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Build a Brand that Attracts Your Dream Clients

In this video where I was interviewed with Her Exchange, you will learn: The difference between a logo and brand, how to use Pinterest as a tool to help build your brand, how to use your current dream clients to attract more like them, the “5 things strategy for your social media and blogs,” what to look for in a branding and website partner, the pros and cons of sites like Fiverr and when to use them (and when not to!)

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Journal with Intention

We need to journal-- we hear it all the time from the top people in our industry, from our therapist, from Tim Ferris (who may also kinda double as our therapist). We order our lovely patterned journals and our perfect liquid pens off amazon and then boom- we finally experience writers’ block. Like we want to write… but about what?

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Avoiding Burnout as an Entrepreneur

As creative entrepreneurs, it is so important for us to stay inspired. We see a lot of the glamorous parts of entrepreneurship- the Pinterest-worthy home offices with faux fur rugs tossed around the white leather chairs in the spotless homes… the women who are making their keto dinners for the week every Sunday while producing a podcast and doing Facebook lives.

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Why I Choose to Design Websites on Squarespace

As many of you know, my own site, along with all of my clients’ sites are created with Squarespace. During calls with new clients, they ALWAYS ask me why I choose Squarespace over all of the other hosting platforms out there. I wanted to answer that question here and really delve in into the ins-and-outs of Squarespace and why I continue to use it, even with my previous experience in Wordpress.

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It's figureoutable.

I’m following my dreams, and I am so lucky to have an amazing job allowing me to work remotely. I just visited Raleigh for the first time ever recently and found an apartment and now I am just trying to figure the rest out. My new mantra for life and all it involves is “it’s figureoutable.”

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