Want to take your business to the next level? I can help.

+ Who am I?

Hi! I’m Karima Neghmouche (Carrie-mah Neg-moo-shh). I help creative entrepreneurs (like you) find your voice and what makes you unique and then I help you express it through different avenues, so YOU can focus on what really matters: your clients.

I fell in love with digital marketing, branding and all things design in college when I realized that great design changes everything... SO many people have such good products or services they want to offer to the world, but it just looks like shit and they lose sales. People trust what looks good on the outside. When it comes to purchase decisions, everyone judges a book by its cover.

+ Who do I work with?

I work with the artists, makers, movers, and shakers. And I’ve worked with those types of amazing clients all over the world.

I find energy infectious and I love to work with those who have a deep passion for entrepreneurship and making their business succeed. I’m rooting for ya and will be right by your side through all the things you keep putting off. (AHEM, a good website, SEO, colors, fonts).

Think about it this way: You could have the best damn tasting cupcake in the world, but I guarantee people would still buy the pretty one. We are wired to like things that are aesthetically pleasing.

+ how did it all start? 

The real magic started happening when I realized I could PROFIT off of my PASSION.

Right after college, I got the assignment of helping brand the University I graduated from. I got to design the logo, pick out the colors, design collateral materials, do all the things, and that’s when I realized, hm, I’m pretty dang good at this. And I continued to do it professionally working in house for corporate clients until eventually launching my own business.

Too many people put themselves and their businesses in a box- and I have learned it is more than okay to be multi-passionate. I studied graphic and web design, digital marketing, copy writing and journalism, and I realized that all the things I studied were setting me up to do one thing: bring people’s business visions to life in a holistic way so that they don’t have to work with 10 different contractors to get the job done.

+ What do I believe in? 

I believe in quality work and i hate cookie-cutter designs. If two of my websites look the same, I have failed as a designer. If my logos don’t dig deep into a better meaning, I have failed as a designer.

And let me go ahead and cut to the chase on something: you DON’T have to do what everyone else in your industry is doing. You should be unique because that’s the work that will catch your future clients’ eyes.

To me there’s no such thing as over-communicating (and I promise if we work together, you’ll be hearing from me a lot!) While some clients prefer to leave everything to me, I aim to make people so comfortable that they can give me any and all feedback  in order to make it a true collaboration (because that’s how we get the REALLY good stuff).

This is your business and you deserve to love it.

+ Bragging rights:

  • I’m certified by Google in Analytics and Adwords

  • I am certified by Hubspot in Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing

  • I am a Squarespace Circle member (which means YOU get 20% off site fees by booking with me!)

  • I’m a Linkedin All Star (Literally basically recognition for being a nerd. Whatevs)

  • I’ve been published in national media over 87 times

  • I was awarded the best Magazine Designer by Marshall University

  • I was awarded Best Advertising Presenter by American Advertising Association

  • I was awarded for Best Column Writer after being published by USA Today

  • I was awarded for Excellence in Public Relations leadership after breaking a record and raising $25,000 for our local Ronald McDonald House

In short, I’ve worked in marketing and design enough to fully understand and grasp why it’s so important for YOU to have a strong brand- and I’ve learned through my own trial and error exactly how to do it in the best way.



+ I once won an award for having the most curse words as a journalist while writing for the paper in stories. What can I say? I’m passionate.

+ I’m an Algerian-Appalachian. Yep, my father is an immigrant from North Africa and my momma is a blonde-hair blue-eyed girl named Betty from West Virginia. (And yes, I’ve been to Algeria)

+ I’m only 4’11. People say I look taller in photos. They are wrong.

+ My name is Karima Neghmouche, pronounced Carrie-mah Neg-moo-shh and I will correct you if you’re wrong unless you pronounce Neghmouche like Neghmoo-shay with a little French accent. Then I will not.

+ I have watched every season of MadMen… twice.

+ My love language is receiving gifts.

+ My personality type is ENFP.

+ When I asked my friends to describe me they used the words “feminine yet bold, eclectic, confident, and intuitive.”

+ What's next?

Now you know my story, and I want to get to know yours. Let’s chat and see how we can take your business to the next level.